About Us

The main purpose of our website is to give you a clear information about the SSL status of the website you want to reach. Please read on to learn more about SSL. SSL is the digital security certificate of a site. By encrypting the internet identity of the websites and the people who access it, it prevents the information from being monitored by third parties. In other words, shopping, chatting, surfing, video watching, news tracking on our daily transactions such as unconscious prevents the distribution of our information. This is achieved by encrypting with multi-digit digital numbers. In general, if a site address starts with "https: /" on a website, it is an indication that the site has received its security certificate. In other words, it is safe.

You can query any site you want to reach with a large database on our site, you can query whether it is suitable for SSL certificate and navigation.

This website working on developing on web services to monitoring the information about below.
– Alexa data
– Server connection
– SSL and other security status